Microsoft Nokia Partnership, Joint Press Conference Video

Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft) and Stephen Elop (CEO, Nokia) today (11th Feb. 2011) had a joint press conference. The conference started at 2AM PST and ended up at 2:45AM PST, in which they announced their new joint venture to work together. Nokia will have Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system as their core OS for the next generation smartphones. Watch the recorded webcast of the press conference here.

What are we going to call it now? MicroNokia or NokiaSoft or may be ‘Microsoft Nokia‘ or ‘Nokia Microsoft‘ just like the Sony’s and Ericsson’s merger came out to be ‘Sony Ericsson’. In this press conference, both Nokia and Microsoft announced their long term partnership in which both the companies will work together on the operating system for smartphone which will benefit all the partners. Nokia has very high hopes from WP7 and thinks that in near future WP7 will compete with the other operating systems like Android. Nokia’s goal will be to produce low-end and high-end both type of phones which will be equipped with WP7. It means that WP7 will be soon available on Nokia’s handsets which will be quite affordable as compared to the HTC, Samsung, or other brands which make high end smartphones and pocket-wise are out of the reach of common man.

Nokia is also going to cut down the jobs and also their R&D funding. I guess they announced this because Microsoft will be there to co-operate with them.

So what I figured out is that instead of launching Microsoft’s own handset, Microsoft played intelligent game and was foreseeing the downfall of Nokia, yes and Nokia also knew that they are doing bad, joined hands with them to relaunch everything again with a fresh new start in the mobile phone industry.

In case you missed the live webcast, here is the recorded one of the joint press conference of Nokia and Microsoft where both the CEOs, Steve Baller of Microsoft and Stephen Elop of Nokia were present and also did a Q&A session.

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