Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Launching Tomorrow at SXSW

Microsoft has finally decide to launch Internet Explorer 9 on SXSW tomorrow 14th March 2011. According to Microsoft it is going to be a year of Internet Explorer for the PC users. MSIE9 took quite a long time to release and Microsoft released beta and RC versions before finally launching to make sure the users get exactly what they need.

Microsoft Internet Explorer market went down by huge numbers because of Mozilla Firefox and later Google Chrome’s introduction into the browser industry which were considered as the best browsers. Microsoft had to get back into the action with something which will stun the users. I have used the pre-released versions MSIE9Beta and MSIE9RC2 but didn’t like it much. There were quite a few flaws in it. May be Microsoft left those them-self to fix it in the final release. The textarea usually used in Joomla and WordPress were spoiled like hell in Internet Explorer 9. Plus the IE9 compatibility used to stuck and restart the browser.

I hope all the flaws of MSIE are fixed in the final release or I’m happy with IE8 and will not switch to IE9.

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