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Megaupload, MegaVideo, Megarotic finally realized the problem and changed the total design of the website. They had been trying hard to get into the business more like the rapidshare but had always been lacking behind. Megaupload’s major problem in the previous design was the total flash based interface. Everything on the site was flashed based and the users used to get annoyed with slow loading speed of the website. New Design

File sharing websites have been getting a great success over the last two years. Rapidshare is considered as the pioneer file sharing website. Users simply need to browse their files, upload them and the websites’ give them the link to the file hosted. New Design File Uploading Process

Megaupload New Design File Upload Link[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Megaupload is the second best file sharing website over the Internet. The new design of the Megaupload website is still not flash free but they have reduced quite alot of it. The best part of is that it provides a huge filesize for uploading. Megaupload’s filesize limit for free users is 500mb and if you register for free as a member you get filesize limit of 2gb. For premium users the per file limit is unlimited. Features

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Megaupload currently have three different services for the Internet users:

    File Uploading Website.
    Video Uploading Website for streaming, similar to youtube.
    It is a porn hosting website, where users can upload porn for free.

Megaupload 2 new services coming soon:

    Free Image uploading website just like Imageshack, TinyPic, Flickr, or Photobucket.
    This will be a music website. The details of the website are not confirmed yet. But what I can guess is megabox will be a free streaming music website. New Design File Manager

Megaupload is giving some tools for it’s users to manage their files. Even without the tools you can still manage your files and account from the website too. The tools help you on your desktop. They provide you the desktop application for an easy to use service.

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