Mark Zukerberg, Can You Stop Updating The Facebook Layout?

Facebook the world’s biggest social media network website with over 600million signed up accounts and around 400million active users worldwide couple of days back updated the layout of the profile page again. This is I think the 4th or 5th time the layout has been changed since the popularity of facebook. I wonder what is Mark Zuckerberg doing and what plans he has in his mind.

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How to hide Microsoft Outlook in System Tray

When I am in office, I had to keep my MS Outlook open all the time for the emails. The most annoying this to me was that MS Outlook used to take space in my windows taskbar and makes it so hard for me to work. My workspace used to get limited with it. So I tried to figure out how to minimize Microsoft Outlook into the system tray so that it does not appear on my taskbar. Finally I got the solution and it was too simple.

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Megaupload, MegaVideo, Megarotic finally realized the problem and changed the total design of the website. They had been trying hard to get into the business more like the rapidshare but had always been lacking behind. Megaupload’s major problem in the previous design was the total flash based interface. Everything on the site was flashed based and the users used to get annoyed with slow loading speed of the website.

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Xobni 4024 beta

Xobni is a plug-in for Outlook. With the help of Xobni you can search your emails and people quite fast. Whatever you are looking for immediately popups up as you type. For instance you are searching for the emails from ‘Jones’. Start typing Jones and automatically as you type the alphabets the search result starts to filter out.

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