Gramophone Look-a-Like Speakers for Players

Gramophone SpkearsAre you a person who like antiques? If yes then you must read on this post.People of old generation listened to music on their gramophones but the trend flew down with the rise of speaker technology.However,some people kept their old gramophones with them as a antic piece but the only problem they had,that the music can’t be played on them.But now their is something to cheer about the gramophone speakers 😉

Hendekagram speakers are to bring the old gramaphone memories back.Designed to look like a typical gramaphone speakers they play with all sort of devices like iPod,iPhone etc.Here is a pic gallery of these speakers

Gramophone Spkears-1

Gramophone Spkears-2

Gramophone Spkears-3

Gramophone Spkears-4

Gramophone Speakers-5

Aside from these speakers being cool looking,the space they would require is a lot more than the usual speakers do.And last but not the least the portablity factor is also a point to ponder.

However,they are no less a good idea as to bring old fun and mix it with modern day entertainment is always a good idea 🙂

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