Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox

Google introduced Google Toolbar 5 for Mozilla Firefox browser, after making a change in the features for their IE toolbar.

Google puts YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, Notebook, Maps, etc. embedded into the toolbar. In addition to it the other major changes is the AutoFill feature of the Google Toolbar for browser. You can create different profiles in the autofill feature and save your personal details along with your credit card numbers in it. The security features are high, so it is safe to store your personal details in the autofill.

[youtube FpLkOiAT4uo nolink]

The Google Toolbar 5 is now available in 29 different languages. The search suggestion feature is in it. This new toolbar works with only Firefox 2 and above. There are many other features of Google Toolbar 5 for firefox. You can download the Google Toolbar for Firefox – Click here

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