Google Launching Music Services Like iTunes

Google as we all know is the biggest company in the field of Internet with so many online services and the best part is most of them are free. Yesterday an article on Billboard gave us an idea about the new services soon going to start by¬†Google – Yes! it’s Google Music. Google has started circulating a proposal along major record companies for starting up a Music services.

Apple iTunes is obviously is in danger now if Google is really going to start up this service. According to some details of an unknown source Google Music subscription will be of $25 a year and will give access to the cloud server library of music to the users. There are two best parts in the service which I’m hearing:

  1. [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]You don’t need a specific device to play the music (like for iTunes you need Apple devices). You can play the music online from your library (the music which you have added to your box) from anywhere in the world from any browser. And yes, obviously not to forget there will be a special app for Android based devices.
  2. You can hear the track once for FREE. Unlike iTunes allow you to listen to only the 30 seconds of the track, which they are claiming to double the time since long. But if Google Music will give one free listening – iTunes is going down.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]Google Music will search the users system to sync the already purchased music of a user and will add that music to their box (library). So it means, you don’t have to buy a song again and again even if you lose them. All the music will be available online to stream or download.

Google is proposing 50/50 share of the revenue with the record companies and a three year contract. Obviously the record companies are looking for more revenue and a lesser contract period to initially test the service which Google wants to start within this year.

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