Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII – Fact Sheet

Couple of days ago Apple launched their new mobile phone handset which was expected to be called iPhone 5 but then came out to be iPhone 4S. The world was waiting anxiously that what the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook is going to show in the launch but most of the people were extremely disappointed. People were expecting something big and were foreseeing the new iPhone to become the world’s best phone but unfortunately it was “just another ordinary phone” and the outlook of the handset is exactly the same as iPhone 4. While googling I came across a fact sheet of Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple iPhone 4S.

The following sheet of iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII shows that Apple didn’t launch anything extra ordinary rather it’s almost the same as SII, but in some cases it is seen that SII is still better than iPhone 4S. The key factors of this fact sheet are the processor where Galaxy SII has 1.2Ghz dual core and iPhone 4S has A5 dual core processor. SII is 4G and iPhone 4S is 3G. Screen size of SII is 4.3 inches whereas iPhone 4S has 3.7 inches screen, though in resolution iPhone 4S has better 960×640 and SII has 800×480.

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