Yes, It is the ‘iPhone 5’ – Apple’s Event Invitation Image Confirms

The wait is over and Apple today sent out the invitations to the media and press about the September 12th, 2012 event. What everyone is expecting and what I’m expecting as well is that 09/12/12 is going to be one of the biggest events in the history. The image inside the invitation email shows a big ‘5’ as a shadow under the date ’12’. This shows that what everyone was expecting is true and the new iPhone is called ‘iPhone 5‘. It looks like that the officially iPhone 5 release date is September 12th, 2012 now.

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Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII – Fact Sheet

Couple of days ago Apple launched their new mobile phone handset which was expected to be called iPhone 5 but then came out to be iPhone 4S. The world was waiting anxiously that what the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook is going to show in the launch but most of the people were extremely disappointed. People were expecting something big and were foreseeing the new iPhone to become the world’s best phone but unfortunately it was “just another ordinary phone” and the outlook of the handset is exactly the same as iPhone 4. While googling I came across a fact sheet of Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple iPhone 4S.

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iPhone 5 Latest Concept Video, Looks Pretty Amazing

I was surfing Youtube and came across a very amazing video which showed the conceptual Apple iPhone 5. We are still not sure when and what iPhone 5 will be released and look like. Still there are rumors that may be the next upcoming iPhone is called iPhone 4S. Some also claim that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are two different sets which will be launched in year 2011. Check this video out and you will surely be surprised.

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When is Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Releasing?

Since WWDC 2011 the market rumors about Apple became very hot for the new iPhone smartphone. Everyone started calling it the ‘iPhone 5‘ but later some said that Apple is not releasing the “5” rather is going to come up with the “4S” version. Back in April 2011, I predicted that Apple iPhone 5 may hit the market near Christmas. I guess may be if the rumors are true, we might see the 6th version of iPhone named as iPhone 5 in December 2011.

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iPhone 4S / iPhone5 Will Have 8 Megapixel Camera or 12.6 Megapixel?

Apple iPhone’s next smartphone handset most talked about after the release of Samsung Galaxy S II. Everyone has their eyes on it now and people are expecting more from Apple now. iOS5 looks like bringing a good change in the user experience and it confused the world that may be the new iPhone would be called “iPhone 5“, but now the news coming in that the next iPhone would be called “iPhone 4S“.

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iPhone 5 Production Starting Soon, May Hit The Market on Christmas 2011

iPhone 5 has been rumored a lot these days all over the web on many blogs. Just after the launch of iPhone 4 the newer handset rumors started which was seriously a strange thing. So was it preplanned or something? Just my doubt, may be researchers already knew the drawbacks and flaws of iPhone 4 so just after the release, the rumors of iPhone 5 were in the market. Now another company ‘Avian Securities’ which is a component supplier to Apple talked about iPhone 5 to get into production by September 2011.

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iPhone 5 Concept

Its been just 2 months since the launch of the new iPhone 4 and here we go with the new conceptual image of the iPhone 5 by the iPhone lovers. The most amazing thing the conceptual people made in it is the ultra slim body of the handset. I don’t think so that iPhone will be able to work with this much ultra slim body.

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