Google Audio Indexing (aka GAudi)

Google two months ago introduced a new technology in the video search. They are still testing it and that kind of search is only available on the US Political videos.

With Google Labs GAudi, now you dont have to search videos with the title of the video, or tags, instead GAudi searches the AUDIO of the video. It uses the Text-to-Video speech recognition technology. When you search anything with GAudi, Google actually search the words which are spoken inside the video and give you the relavent result.

Right now they have introduced this technology to only the Political Election Videos. You want to know when Obama or McCain said something about “United Nation”? or “New York”? or “Business”? or may be “Google” then you can simple search Google GAudi and you will get the result from all the Political videos wherever “Google” word is spoken.

By this new evaluation in the search technology, I guess soon Google will be able to started the Google Audio Search, which will search the mp3 songs, music, or simple mp3 files and will match the audio stream with the keyword searched. Then just like right now you search for the Lyrics of a song, then you will be searching directly into the song.

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