Gmail New Features, Text SMS in Chat and Tasks

Google is putting more and more into their gmail email system. Yesterday Gmail introduced the Text SMS in Gmail Chat service. Now you don’t have to worry if someone gets away from the computer. You can simple put in the Mobile number of your contact and send SMS to them. This feature was expected to launch eariler but Google was having some issues with it and was thinking to roll out this feature but then finally they launched it. You can simply type in the number of your contact in the left side chat contacts panel and it will give you the option to send sms. The SMS Text message is just available for the US contacts only right now. It means you can send SMS Text Message to anyone in US.

The other feature introduced by Gmail is the TASK feature. It is just like a pinup or a clipboard or whatever you can say it. Now instead of pasting yellow sticky papers on your monitor screen with your tasks to do, you can simple create a task to do through Google Gmail.

Ok, I forgot to mention that these are not the default feature of Gmail. You have to enable these features from the Google Labs. You can see the Google Labs Icon  on the top right menu of Gmail. From there you can enable the SMS and Task feature.

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