Gmail Introduced Themes

Today I logged in to my Gmail and was surprised to see the outlook of it. It was changed with a blue border around the main body of inbox (list of my emails). There in the settings I found out the new option of Themes. Gmail launched the themes for their users. With this new feature the very old fashioned simple white page interface of Gmail and almost all the google products had wiped out. People were getting bore of the simple white pages of Gmail and now they can set their favourite color scheme for their inbox.

The best part of these Gmail themes is that you have to enter the place (area where you live). Some of the Gmail themes are variable with the timing. For instance I’m living in Las Vegas and its 8:00pm, then my theme will show me a night time and the theme will become dark in color. And when the morning will arise, the same theme will become bright and gives the look of a day time.

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