Facebook new interface sucks

Facebook LogoRecently in this week facebook brought a major change in the interface of the home, profile and pages design. At the very first sight I liked it, but later after using it for half an hour I realized it sucks big time. This is the third time facebook has changed its interface. The previous one was way cool and people liked it, on the hand people started to get along with it. But this new one, first you have to look where the things are now. There are alot of things missing in this new interface of facebook which made its repute the worst.

  1. First of all the profile page does not have an “edit” feature. Previously you were able to edit the out-look of the activity to keep it one-line, small or full. But now, in this new interface it just sux! In the activities there is no line break. If I wanted to write a note in 2 lines, my profile page will show them in a single line now.
    Facebook New Interface - No Edit Button on Profile Page
  2. [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Then the most amazing and shocking thing that I found out today was, there is no PAGE and GROUPS link anywhere on the facebook anymore. Pages and Groups link is not on the home page or the profile page of facebook. I checked the home page of facebook as well as the profile page, and God there was no link or button to the pages and groups. I had a group called “Pickmore” and I am still trying to figure out how to reach it now.
    Facebook New Interface Home  Facebook New Interface Profile Page

There must be many more sickest things in the new worst facebook interface which I have not noticed, so you are all free to post them in your comments here.

3 thoughts on “Facebook new interface sucks

  1. Before u used to be able to BROWSE groups, but not anymore…..now u need to know the name of the group in order to join. I suspect this is to cut down on the amount of scams that were going on

  2. i love fb….but wtf nowadays….no need to explain …..i’m sure users have lots of complications…….wtf again…fb lack of workers or what…..wtf…..getting tired of this……please…..improve guys….get to work….

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