Download Windows 8 Will Become Most Trendy in 2012

Download Microsoft Windows 8 is becoming quite popular among the bloggers and Internet searches these days. The screenshots of the new operating system is coming out quite frequently now. Mostly they are published by two or three blogs only. The major interface change that is noticed is only the login screen and the taskbar of Microsoft Windows 8 which now shows your Windows Live display picture.

Windows 8 will be connected to your Windows Live ID. The interesting new feature that Windows 8 is going to hold is the “Windows Reset” option. By this option, the Windows will go in a so called ‘factory restore mode’ and will remove every application and software installed and reset the Windows to the newly installed state. The logo of Windows 8 is also just an assumption right now. The screenshot publishing blogs have not published the logo yet, or may be Microsoft has not released the logo yet in Windows 8 M3 (Milestone 3).

It is expected that Windows 8 RTM will release early 2012 and the final version will release in the third or fourth quarter of 2012 or the early 2013. Following are the screenshots which I was able to collect from the Internet. The screenshots include the following:

  • Windows 8 Desktop
  • Windows 8 Taskbar
  • Windows 8 Live Display Picture
  • Windows 8 Aero Theme
  • Windows 8 Logon Screen
  • Windows 8 Reset Option
  • Windows 8 Setup Installation
  • Windows 8 Driver Installation

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