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Google ChromeGoogle announced the next version of Google Chrome the 2.0 Beta version in second week of January. Previously I had described How to Install Google Chrome 2.0 Beta. I just happened to see that the new version of Google Chrome, i.e. Google Chrome is available for free download over the Internet. It is not yet available openly for the people to download on the official website. Google Chrome web browser really made a big change in the browser’s industry and shook the earth under the feet of Microsoft and Firefox.

What’s new in Google Chrome

  • [r9512] Fix blank Google Finance charts (Issue 7541)
  • [r9540] Fix a memory leak and browser crash. (Issue 7487, 7374)
  • [r9541] Fix a browser crash. (Issue 7485)
  • [r9570] Don’t show blank values for form auto-complete. (Issue 6111)
  • [r9613] Right click in a text area selects empty space. (Issue 6107)[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]
  • [r9667] Fix bugs related to making Google Chrome the default browser on Windows Vista. (Issue 7568, 6732, 6504)
  • [r9749] Remember certificate errors users have accepted when navigating in a new tab. (Issue 6456)
  • [r9756] Fix to prevent unresponsive plug-in processes from locking the browser user interface. (Issue 3613)
  • [r9761] Close the tab context menu when you right click on the application title bar. Thanks to Yong Shin for the patch. (Issue 5695)
  • [r9766] Make system menus show up in the right place for all types of window.
  • [r9839] Fix the rendering issues with the Facebook sidebar. (Issue 5564)
  • [r9886] Fix a browser crash. (Issue 4123)
  • [r9901] Fix search issues with as the default search engine. (Issue 7271)
  • [r9916] Fix a crash during first run. (Issue 6211)
  • [r9917] Fix a browser crash. (Issue 7566)
  • [r9925] Fix focus and keyboard shortcut issues with Gears permissions dialog. (Issue 6859)
  • [r9940] Update translated strings and add strings for 8 Indic locales.

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