Customize Google Gmail in the best way

Google LogoAs you all are already aware that Google Gmail has a Google Lab feature where Google developers team continuously put new features as an add-on to the gmail for their users. You can customize the features/modification and looks of your account the way you want with enabling and disabling of different useful features. I would like to share some good features that you must enable to customize your gmail account.

You can enable/disable these mods from the Google Lab icon Google Labs Icon which is shown at the top right after your gmail id (if you have enabled Google Labs from your settings).

1- Superstar
 mod_superstar_3This mod helps you differentiate your important emails with different star signs. I have enabled this feature so that I can differentiate between my mailing group (newsletters), my friends, important emails and regular emails.

2- Signature Tweaks
Gmail Signature TweaksA very important mod that I am using. By default if you have a signature in your gmail it is placed right at the bottom. The problem arise when you are trying to reply to an email. So what happens by default is that your signature goes right at the bottom of the email even after the original mail for which you are replying.

This tweak moves your signature above the reply email. It places your signature before the quoted text and also removes the “–” which appears before your signature by default. 

3- Custom Date Format
Customize Data Format Mod in GmailDate formats are different around the world. Like in USA the standard is mm/dd/yy whereas in UK its dd/mm/yy. So with this mod you can set your own format of your date.

4- Custom Label Color
Gmail Mod of Custom Label ColorsYes! This is one of the most important mod that I use. It helps me distinguish between my labels more easily. My Love mails :-p are in Red color. And Yes, I am using other emails accounts too. So Gmail fetch my other non gmail emails here. This Custom Colored Label helps me distinguish easily between my emails.

5- Mark as Read Button
Gmail Mod - Mark as Read ButtonSometimes there are some emails that you already know what they are and you have tons of them in your mail account, and you are sick of that Inbox (279) type of notification that you have 279 new emails. Here is the solution to it. Simply select those unread emails and mark them as read with this mod.

6- Text SMS in Chat
SMS in Gmail ChatRecently launched the new SMS Text Messaging feature in Gmail Chat. With the help of this mod if any of your friends go offline, then you don’t need to worry. Simply choose the SMS option and then you can send your friend an SMS on his/her cellphone. But SMS Messaging is limited to US mobile numbers only.

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