Create 3D Buildings Using Google SketchUp

Google Sketchup ProGoogle SketchUp is software that can be used to assemble 3D illustration of  anything like a house, a building or other equipments. Google SketchUp facilitate its users by making them able to design their own houses, rooms, kitchens or a company can use it to design and construct its own building and its overall arrangements. It also has the facility to create simulations and then users can share them with their friends.

The latest version of Google SketchUp Pro 7 is a collection of powerful features and purposes for streamlining any professional 3D work-flow.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup enable the users to use enhanced features like vector representation of images with fine quality in a more reliable and efficent way. The elaborated freehand tool let the users draw curvature and maintain each piece of information in form of a sorted list. Bullets have been introduced to format the file properly which makes the overall usage of Google SketchUp easy and comprehensive in making 3D structures.

Image from : Google Sketchup

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