What will Microsoft have in year 2019? (Video)

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft is running towards new kind of technology during the last couple of years. As we have seen on last few conferences such as CES2009, that Microsoft had been showing off the new cloud computing technology again and again. Microsoft surface is what they are trying to promote and even had shown some demonstrations of it. ZDNETKorea recently produced a video which shows Microsoft technologies in the year 2019.

According to this video, everything a man will use will be in a cloud computing environment. Credit Cards, News Papers, Television Sets, Mobile Phone, Computers, Schools, Games, and so on.. This video truely tells us what the Microsoft Live technology will mean in the future.

[youtube yYFnTBKaE2s nolink]

(Disclaimer: I have just taken this video from Internet and re-uploaded it in my account. I hold no rights of this video whatsoever, and will not be held responsible for any kind of misuse. The original author and producer of this video reserve the rights.)

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