What are the responsibilities of a SQA Engineer?

SQA stands for Software Quality Assurance and is a very important part of Software Development Life Cycle. SQA is a process to test and verify each piece (module) of software according to the ‘requirements’. A person who performs testing is known as a SQA Engineer.

The responsibilities of a SQA Engineer start right from the very first development process of the software. Basic work flow starts when requirements are being gathered from the client. It is the responsibility of a SQA engineer to point out all the functional and non functional requirements. When a module is developed by the development team (Developers), it is given to the SQA team to test and verify it according to the requirements.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]The SQA Engineer then make test cases corresponding to the requirements and performs testing. It is also the responsibility of the SQA Engineer to test the application against the requirements in order to check the application response. An SQA Engineer should have the ability to test the application in such a way that application fails, because it actually maximizes the product quality and hence minimizes the risk of product failure. The issues (if any) are then sending back to the development team for correction.  This is the way SQA process continues till the complete development of the software application.

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