Timeless Garden is a Fully Green Digital Watch

Eco-Friendly Digital WatchSometimes a concept is so impressive that you can hardly wait for the final product to come out.Its such a great feel when i hear about something eco-friendly and yet very much effective.Designers Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi have put forward there design of a digital clock which runs with mud !! on top of which you can plant some plants or grass.It has been named as the “Timeless Garden”

Eco-Friendly Digital Watch-2

Its works with the power generated by mud and steel.There are two cabinets in which you have to put mud in and a little water.Then you can add some grass up on there or some plant seeds.

Eco-Friendly Digital Watch-3

Moreover,its made out of recycled plastic making it a totally green concept.There is no need of an external power to run the system.I wish this soon comes up in manufacturing stage because i love gardening 🙂

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