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Internet WWWToday I came across a website that is the second shortest url website that I have seen on the Internet. There are different websites which allow you to short/shrink/Trim URLs. And this one could be now on the top of the list. is a new website which is giving the service to shorten your long URLs. The website is very simple, no hassle of anything, no advertisements, or whatsoever. The best part of the service so far is that the trimmed URL is even quite small right now. Only 3 characters long, which makes the shorturl only of 6 characters. It is also providing the service to have a custom short URL too. I created a short url for Pickmore and it appeared like

Features of 9.GP:

  • [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Shortest URL so far by any website.
  • Custom URL
  • Twitter Message Statistics (it searches twitter with your shortened URL)
  • URL Click Statistics (by only adding a ‘ + ‘ plus sign at the end of your shortened URL you can see the statistics)
  • Delayed Forwarding Option (only add a minus sign ‘ – ‘ at the end of your shortened URL and get a delayed forwarding url)
  • Twitter Login (post your twits right from 9.GP website to automatically shrink the URLs)
  • APIs are open to use by the developers.

2 thoughts on “Shortest URL shrink website

  1. Thanks for recommending such a wonderful website. I used to use; since it is fail-safe and free. The website also offers so many features like cash back facility as well as real-time search results. You can give it a scoop.


  2. I’m going over to check it out because it seems there is a tie for url shorteners. I am always looking for url shorteners and I like:

    It uses special characters to guarantee just 6 characters in the URL, like this:

    Seems pretty cool. They also have tools to reduce text using ligature replacements, to fit more into the 140 limits. It’s beta but I’ve noticed it’s getting better – just added tracking to the url.

    No sign up for other tools.

    No need to give your Twitter username and password.

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