oo.ki – The Best URL Shortening Service

Oo.ki logo - shrink, short, trim your long URL linksIn past one year we have seen a lot of new URL shortening/trimming websites coming in and every new website has a unique and shortest domain. Few days back I heard about one of the newest and most shortest tiny URL generating website http://oo.ki. Oo.Ki is a new URL shortening service which trims, shrinks and shorten your long urls.

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23 Websites To Create Short/Shrink/Trim URLs

Short URL / Trim URL / Shrink URLShrink or Shortening the URLs is getting popular day by day because of the mini blogging concept. You have to adjust your text in the minimum length, that’s why people have to use such services which shrink their URL and creates a very short URL link. Once you open that tiny URL, you are automatically redirected to the original URL. The best services so far was from TinyURL.com and it got a huge fame. TinyURL is considered to be as a pioneer in this service. Now due to the high demand everyone is looking to open such service and try to short the URL the most they can. Ok, here I am going to tell you 23 such websites which offer the short url creation service. You simple put in the long url and it will trim your URL into a short tiny lenght URL.

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