SentrySafe is the best USB Safe for your Files

SentrySafeProtecting your files would be certainly very important to you.Earlier when someone had to hide/protect their important papers and stuff they used to put them up in their safe,and it was a good idea at that time.Now SentrySafe will give you a modern day implication of the old safes,by introducing a electronic numpad password.The key feature is the USB which comes out of the safe which can be connected to a hard-disk to keep your ‘files’ safe.Its is fire and waterproof to fully protect whats inside.

Your hard-disk can be only accessed by your password,not by any one else.Its a good and highly secure way to keep your data safe.


Not only that you can keep your hard-disk.It can also be used to keep other stuff like your papers,cds,keys etc etc.


SentrySafe price is $1800.

Via [coolest-gadgets]

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