Samsung new Luxia LED HDTV

Samsung Series 8 - 8000 LED HDTVToday (Jan. 7th, 2009) at CES2009 Samsung announced their new state of the art HDTV technology called Luxia LED. Luxia LED high definition television are made up of small light emitting diodes which give the users a better bright, sharp and clear picture quality. It is not just an old fashioned television box set, as I said its a new state of the art HDTV. It contians Ethernet and USB port.

Samsung Series 6 - 6000 Luxia LED HDTV

This new Samsung LED HDTV comes in 6000, 7000, and 8000 series Luxia HDTvs. The users can interact with the TV now. The Ethernet connectivity provides the facility for Internet@TV. The RSS Feed reader helps you read News, Sports, Weather, Stockmarket, etc. and yes! there is USB Port too! Simply connect your USB Pen Drive to your new ground shaking Luxia HDTV and listen to your favourite songs!

Samsung Series 8 - 8000 Luxia LED HDTVSource: Samsung

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