Prison Break Season 4 Faked On Torrent

Prison BreakPrison Break is a TV Series by FOX TV. During the last couple of years, Prison Break became the second best TV series worldwide. LOST series is leading as it is considered to be as the best TV series. According to IMDB the rating of Prison Break is 9.0/10 whereas the rating of LOST is 9.1/10.  Prison Break season 4 was stopped suddenly after the 16th episode. The team took a four months break. Episode 16 of Prison Break was on-aired on 22nd December 2008 and after that today on 17th April 2009 the Episode 17 will be shown.

I was curious to watch Prison Break too, because I am still in suspense of the series and the curiosity is killing me too. I thought to search it over torrent websites and I was extremely shocked to see the result. Here is the screenshot of what I saw:

Prison Break Fake Seeds on Torrent

I was extremely shocked to see the number of seeds and leechers. The most amazing thing was, it was all fake. The first link which showed 280,000+ seeds was an .exe file renamed to look like an .avi file. The second was the same kind of stuff too. People are going crazy and downloading and seeding it without knowing what is in it. After seeing all this there is no doubt about it that Prison Break is the most ever awaited Tv series.

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