The Ultimate Pirate Bay Download

The Pirate BayWe all know, Pirate Bay, the famous torrent tracker site is being closed soon. With over 2 million torrents, Pirate Bay is one of the best sites. Pirate Bay, being sold is a nightmare for the heavy torrent users.

But an anonymous user uploaded a single torrent containing approx. 900,000 Pirate Bay torrents in it. A single massive archive of 21.3 Gigabytes! The Explanation for the missing files from the “super” torrent from Pirate Bay is: Continue reading “The Ultimate Pirate Bay Download”

Prison Break Season 4 Faked On Torrent

Prison BreakPrison Break is a TV Series by FOX TV. During the last couple of years, Prison Break became the second best TV series worldwide. LOST series is leading as it is considered to be as the best TV series. According to IMDB the rating of Prison Break is 9.0/10 whereas the rating of LOST is 9.1/10.  Prison Break season 4 was stopped suddenly after the 16th episode. The team took a four months break. Episode 16 of Prison Break was on-aired on 22nd December 2008 and after that today on 17th April 2009 the Episode 17 will be shown.

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