Samsung Introduces Old Styled MP3 Player

Samsung LogoToday touchscreen technology has changed the way gadgets looked before.Now it is assumed to be the best appeal to a consumer to get him buy something.Samsung is set to launch a MP3 Player,which has all the necessary feature except for the touchscreen.With some many cool MP3 Players out there,with touchscreen feature one feels would this really work for the company’s name ?.The MP3 has been named as Doremi.

Samsung U5 Doremi

The features are very formal nothing much special,are as follows

  • 4-line OLED display
  • Integrated USB plug
  • 18 hours of playtime
  • FM radio support
  • Recording capability
  • Storage options from 2- 8 GB

Samsung U5 Doremi-2

The design is very nice and stylish,this could be the main attraction for the buyer,as there is nothing else special.

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