Samsung Blue Earth – Solar Powered TouchScreen Mobile Phone

Samsung Blue EarthIts always nice to see big companies participating in the the eco-friendly campaign.Now,Samsung has launched their fully solar full touch phone the “Samsung Blue Earth”.The amazing thing is that,no one expected such advancement that a touchscreen phone be made to work totally out of solar energy.Moreover the mobile is made out from PCM,a plastic extracted from recycled water bottles.

It is hard to believe as Samsung claims that the mobile is so efficient to make calls at any time of the day you like to because of its high energy storage capacity

Samsung Blue Earth-2

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]A the backside of the mobile is a solar panel which would be the power source of the mobile phone.

Samsung Blue Earth-3

Moreover the mobile features stuff on the mobile which show you how much CO2 has been released while you were driven or walking down the road.

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