RFIDs in New York Driving License

First of all let me tell you what is RFID. RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification, which is basically a very small chip which is embeded into anything for digital identification system, by anything I mean anything, this anything even includes YOU 🙂 Yes! even the human beings.

RFIDs are like tags. There is no need for a scanner to be close to the tag to read the data, i.e. and RFID transponder can be read by the RF device from even meters away, or even behind the wall.

UK first announced last year I guess that they will be using RFIDs in the UK Passport to identify the person’s identity. After that everyone started using RFIDs and now finally New York is the second state in US to get the RFIDs (as in the driving license). The fee of the RFID license is $30 additional to the standard $50 of the regular license (i.e. $80 for the driving license).

Many people in New York are confused and are not sure that what is stored in the RFID transponders. Do they store our personal information? If yes, then what info? Our Name? Address? Phone? Social Security Number? or what? Authorities say that they do not store any such personal information in the RFIDs. They only store the identification number. Because of this unreliability among the people, citizens are offered both kind of driving licenses, the regular one and the RFID one. Now its your choice to choose anyone.

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