Stealing Creditcard Numbers from RFID Scanner

Today I saw a video over youtube from the News Channel 3 about the electronic thieves who can pickpocket your credit card numbers, name and expiry date without evening actually seeing and touching it. Walk Augustinowicz, RFID security expert made a scanner to show the companies that how RFID technology can be scanned by high-tech thieves.

[youtube otKdhms9xp4 nolink]

With just a scanner in his hand, he walked around the market just moving his scanner on the people’s pocket, he is able to fetch all their credit card information on his computer. This is a new risk to the new generation taking birth in the era of technology. All American passports offered after 2006 holds the RFID chip too, which holds all the data. The scanner can easily fetch the date of birth, name, photo ID and other information from the passport too. The scanner just costs $100 and is easily available in the market.

[youtube vmajlKJlT3U nolink]

These kind of thieves with scanners can fetch thousands of credit card numbers in a Superbowl game or in any stadium or may be the New Year night at Time Square. Making life easier is also creating security laps for the hackers to get the information. RFID cards security was a hot issue back in year 2008 and then banks gave a special wallet to their customers to keep their credit cards inside that wallet through which no one can steal your data.

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