Pharos Traveler 137 Smart Phone – GPS Network Independent

What if you go somewhere unknown,relying on your GPS enabled mobile phone but found out that your GPS network is not available,well Pharos Traveler 137 Smart Phone would be the solution for you.This phone doesn’t requires a specific GPS network to work with,it founds out the GPS network for you and starts working.Isn’t this useful !!

Pharos Traveler 137 GPS Smart Phone

Some of the nice features of the phone are

  • Quad band GSM handset
  • 3.5″ inch LCD touch-screen
  • Two cameras ( one of 3.5 MP and other of 0.3 MP for video talk)
  • Micro SD slot

This mobile set has pay-as-you-goand provide services in U.S for free,however it will cost you when you go to Europe,Canada and places near these countries.Later on maps for China,Russia,Mexico,Argentina and Brazil will also be available.

The price is around $600.

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