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Oo.ki logo - shrink, short, trim your long URL linksIn past one year we have seen a lot of new URL shortening/trimming websites coming in and every new website has a unique and shortest domain. Few days back I heard about one of the newest and most shortest tiny URL generating website http://oo.ki. Oo.Ki is a new URL shortening service which trims, shrinks and shorten your long urls.

Oo.ki - URL Link Shortening Service

Features of oo.ki:

  • Custom URL: http://www.pickmore.com is trimed to http://oo.ki/pm
  • API for webmaster:Yes, webmasters can use the API to use oo.ki service for their website and web applications like Twitter apps such as tweetdeck, etc.
  • Expiry Date of the Short URL:Users can set the time period of the tiny URL they generate. The user can give a time of expiry of the shortened link.
  • Limited Users: You can shorten the URL and put a user limit on it. For instance, if you like the URL to be viewed only 10 times, then yes that is possible. If you put the limit of 10 users, then only 10 users will be able to view the shrunk URL.
  • Password Protected URL: One of the best features oo.ki is offering is the password protection on the shortened link. The user will have to enter the password to view certain link.

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