Microsoft “Windows.Next” Coming After Windows 7

Microsoft’s project manager on 31st Jan. 2010 posted a blog post on MSDN and then removed it. In that post he mentioned about the success of Windows 7 and wrote about how Microsoft was successful in meeting the requirements and wants of their consumers through Windows 7. In my opinion Windows 7 was really a success and people actually loved the efficiency of Windows beside the awesome appearance.

Following is the blog post:

So how am I referring to the next version of Windows without saying that many words – well simple – This is definitely not the official version but a version that is becoming common along my circle. So what are our plans for this next version…

The blog post titled “Whats in store for the next Windows?” was removed, but fortunately was cached by Google and for next few days will be still available to view. In the post he mentioned about the next version of Microsoft Windows and called it as “Windows.Next“. So it looks quite obvious that he leaked out the name of the next windows which is currently called as “Windows 8” by most of the people.

[Via: The Windows Club]

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