42 Free Windows 8 Wallpapers

Microsoft‘s new operating system Windows 8 will be hitting the market most probably in year 2012. In my article in Feb 2010, I also discussed that may be Windows 8 is just a code name and will be called “Windows.Next“. We are still not sure because Microsoft is good at keeping secrets. Everyone is quite excited about the new metro style user interface of Windows 8 and a lot of people wants to try it out. Windows 8 developer’s preview is available to download from Microsoft’s website too.

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Microsoft “Windows.Next” Coming After Windows 7

Microsoft’s project manager on 31st Jan. 2010 posted a blog post on MSDN and then removed it. In that post he mentioned about the success of Windows 7 and wrote about how Microsoft was successful in meeting the requirements and wants of their consumers through Windows 7. In my opinion Windows 7 was really a success and people actually loved the efficiency of Windows beside the awesome appearance.

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