Microsoft Windows 8 Concept, Releasing in 2012

Windows 8 Conceptual LogoA month ago Microsoft released their new version of operating system, “Microsoft Windows 7”. Now after just one month of time people are curious to know how would the next version of Windows look like. So far in the history of Microsoft after Windows 98 the best operating system had been Windows XP. Now after the launch of this new Windows 7 operating system people are quite happy with the performance.

I don’t know who exactly is the guy putting this video over the YouTube, but he gave seriously a very nice conceptual design for the next version of Windows which is codename “Windows 8”

Windows 8 Logo

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]The time schedule / road map of recent Microsoft Windows releases can be shown in this picture below (Courtest: MSFTkitchen)

Windows 8 Roadmap Release in 2012

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