Microsoft buys 666,624 IPv4 addresses for $7.5 million

As you all are already aware that IPv4 is draining out and companies are looking forward to switch to IPv6, but something is going fishy here. Microsoft invested a huge amount of 7.5million USD in purchasing the IPv4 addresses from Nortel, which is a dying company and has been declared bankrupt in January 2009.

Investing such a huge amount for the thing that is going to get out date soon, obviously there is something to think about. What is Microsoft planning own? Are they going to keep that huge spool for the future to may be get back to IPv4 sometime? or they still plan to release something for IPv4.

80 companies were bidding for acquisition of these IPv4 addresses in the Delaware bankruptcy court and Microsoft was the most highest bidder of $11.25 per IP. Right now Microsoft will be getting 470,016 and the remaining 196,608 will be locked up until the current customer of Nortel switch to other companies and release these IP addresses.

NOTE: In February 2011, IPv4 last two blocks of IP addresses 39.x.x.x and 106.x.x.x were allotted APNIC. Which means the death of IPv4 for all other parts of the world. With this Microsoft deal is looks like, the antique IPv4 will become extremely expensive from now own.

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