Magic Mirror Displays Your Live Muscle Activity

Magic Mirror DemonstrationNow you can check the activity of each individual muscle while you are working out or doing some sort of exercise with the latest technology called Magic Mirror. It has been developed under the supervision of Prof.Yoshihiko Nakamura of the Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative. The first time unveiling of this exciting new piece of tech was done last Friday in the same university. Magic Mirror gives out the real time computerized images of the whole body and uses different colors for muscles to make you exactly what is happening inside your body.

Magic Mirror uses 16 electrocardiographs attached to the user’s body, 10 motion-capture cameras & a pair of floor sensors to measure the force exerted on the legs. With the help of these it can give you 30% of the body’s 300 skeletal muscles.

Magic Mirror Demonstration

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]For user convenience it uses Red color to show muscles which are doing some activity and Yellow color to display the inactive ones. In simple words the Magic Mirror tells you about the health of your muscles.

The Magic Mirror is said to be very active and displays the accurate image even if you are moving fast. But still the persons who developed it are trying to make a more compact version of it, so that it may get more commercial.

Just imagine how this can change the way we used to exercise and workout. It so happens that while exercise we think, how the muscles and the body might be reacting. So, this technology is sure very useful and should come out soon for the common people.

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