LG to make HD Video Camera Cell Phone

According to LG, the future of HD video, mobile phone cameras, and the point-and-shoot varietals couldn’t be more, well, the same. At a round table event in London this past week, the company hyped up convergence between the industries, and used its camera-happy KC-910 to show why there is no reason why mobiles should not overtake or absorb digital cameras in the near future. When one looks at what the KC-910 (aka Renoir) will bring to the cell phone market, it’s hard not to agree. As we’ve detailed here before, this “phone” comes equipped with an 8-megapixel cam with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens and xenon flash. ISO is rated up to 1600, and it also does VGA video at 30fps as well as high-speed 120fps filming (at QVGA resolution).

LG also touted its new relationship with DivX as fodder for future change in the industry (the Renoir contains software for converting files into DivX files, for viewing on the phone). DivX’s Andy Glasson said HD recording in mobile phones is also something to watch next year. Glasson explained that his company is already working on H264 encoding and decoding technology that would make this kind of recoding possible.

Now, if they could just slap a Red 3K Scarlet or 5K Epic digital camera in a cell phone, I think we could officially label this development “progress.” Until then, we wait. [Cell Phone Feeds]

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