Let New York know your heartbeat at Pulse Park

At Madison Square Park New York, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer installed Pulse Park. To enter the park instead of registering with your name, you have to register with your heartbeat. Two hundred people’s pluse in the park will generate 200 beams of light, making a blinking and flashing disco effect. Lozano-Hemmer who is a Mexcian-Canadian individual has already built the Pulse Park in Mexico and Toronto.

The Pulse Park was originally to be made in Manhattan after 9/11 but Lozano-Hemmer could not find the proper space for it. People entering the park register their pulses at any of the two censors. The park timings are from dusk till 11pm. The park uses diodesiel fule which is renewable and it uses 1/10th of the energy compared to a hockey game.

[youtube LphuIub29TY nolink]

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