Joebot is a futuristic interactive Robot

WowWee's JoebotRobots that were shown in the movie iRobot were only visionary and are not there in real.But scientists always want to make that type of robots.Many robots have been made which have opened new horizons in different sciences such as medical,space etc but robots.Scientists are working on the interactive aspect of the robots so they can come much closer to human nature and response like humans do.WowWee has launched its Joebot,which is an interactive robot and can do really amazing stuff.

This robot has a very nice high tech look,and gives a very stylish appearance.Joebot responds to your sound via its sound sensors,and can mimic your sound and also dance to it.More options in the Joebot are,it can be in wandering,patrol,battle,guard and talk mode.

Joebot can for sure be children best friend 🙂

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