Jake Foley’s Design for the Apple Bicycle

Apple Bicycle DesignApple always gets its name up with new and innovative stuff.Designer Jake Foley has designed a beautiful and very inspiring Apple Bicycle.The design has a Apple scroll to connect with your iPod Nano,a hard-case for your Laptop and few more classy features to add up.

See below for features and pics

Apple Bicycle Design-1

Apple Bicycle Design-2

[below] This is how the bike would look in the night.

Apple Bicycle Design-3

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Pictorial representation of the features

Apple Bicycle Design Features-1Apple Bicycle Design Features-2Apple Bicycle Design Features-3Apple Bicycle Design Features-4

This is something which sould not be overlooked and Apple should think to develop this beauty.

Via [Walyou]

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