HYmini is an Amazing Device Charger

HYminiCharging our gadgets with solar energy is a heard about thing but have you ever heard of charging your devices with with wind !!.The HYmini is one thing which can take the market by storm.Its a stylish charger for all your 5v devices.It can either be charged via the sun or by wind.

It can either be charged via

  1. Sun
  2. Wind
  3. Power supply


It can either be attached to your car window or on other vehicles which is a very convient feature of this gadget.The devices it can charge up are

  • iPod
  • Mobiles Phones
  • PDA
  • MP3
  • Camera


When minimally charged up it can run your devices accordingly

  • Take 50 pictures with digital camera
  • 2 hours of music on MP3 player
  • Talk an additional 15 minutes onĀ  cell phone

But when it is charged up more it can do much better.

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