HYmini is an Amazing Device Charger

HYminiCharging our gadgets with solar energy is a heard about thing but have you ever heard of charging your devices with with wind !!.The HYmini is one thing which can take the market by storm.Its a stylish charger for all your 5v devices.It can either be charged via the sun or by wind.

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Bluetribe – Bluetooth Headphones for iPod & iPhone

Headphones illustrationBluetooth technology surely has revolutionized the way we use our devices.It enables us to do our work hands free and wireless too.I am music fan and do listen to a lot of music,and the one thing i can’t afford to live without are my headphones.But sometimes the wire around it disturbs me.A Japanese company Sigma-Apo has launched a headphone which not only works with your computer but also with your iPod and iPhone.
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