HTC Smartphone Prices Reduced upto US$280

HTC today announced the new prices of their smartphones and have reduced the prices to a great number. The prices of HTC handsets are reduced by US$150 to $280. It might be because of the launch of Google Nexus One that is costing US$529 (unlocked).

Google Nexus One is also developed by HTC and the price reduction in the HTC smartphones are strange. Following are the new prices of the HTC Smartphones:

HTC Magic – US$458 (US$741)
HTC Hero – US$494 (US$635)
HTC Tattoo – US$331 (US$422)
HTC Touch2 – US$331 (S$437)
[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]HTC Touch Diamond2 – US$480 (US$770)
HTC Touch Pro2 – US$557 (US$940)
HTC Touch HD2 – US$649 (US$840)
HTC Snap – US$352 (US$486)
HTC Snap (without camera) – US$295 (US$423)

The price reduction in the prices is confirmed from the Asian market (Singapore).

Via [CNET]

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