How to change your facebook username

A lot of friends have asked me many times that how can they change their username for facebook. Facebook was initially not allowing to change your username but now they do allow you to change it just ONE time. So once if you have selected your username of facebook from still you can change your facebook username but just one time only.

I have attached two screen-shots below which tells you from where you can update/change your facebook username. Your facebook username gives you a URL for your profile like I have a URL of my facebook fan page

  • [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]To change your username, on the top right corner, click on ‘Accounts’. In the drop down menu, select ‘Edit Settings’.
  • On the next page you can see the third option as ‘Username‘. Click the small link infront of it which by default says ‘change‘.

  • Now you can see the option here to put your new username and check for its availability.

You only get this option once. If you select a new username, next time this option will not even appear. So think before you proceed with changing your facebook username. I hope this will help a lot of users out here who have mistakenly selected username for facebook and wants to change it now.

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