How to change your facebook username

A lot of friends have asked me many times that how can they change their username for facebook. Facebook was initially not allowing to change your username but now they do allow you to change it just ONE time. So once if you have selected your username of facebook from still you can change your facebook username but just one time only.

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Windows Live Messenger Showing All Contacts Offline, How to fix guide?

Today I faced a strange problem with my Windows Live Messenger. All my contacts appeared offline but actually they were online. I was receiving the messages from them but I wasn’t able to reply them. I thought may be there is some problem with my Messenger. I restarted my computer, even re-installed windows live messenger 2011 but still the problem was there.

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How to hide Microsoft Outlook in System Tray

When I am in office, I had to keep my MS Outlook open all the time for the emails. The most annoying this to me was that MS Outlook used to take space in my windows taskbar and makes it so hard for me to work. My workspace used to get limited with it. So I tried to figure out how to minimize Microsoft Outlook into the system tray so that it does not appear on my taskbar. Finally I got the solution and it was too simple.

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How to: Windows Live Messenger Appear in Taskbar of Windows 7

Windows Live Messenger LogoToday I finally installed Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate and enjoying it. The only problem that was annoying me was the Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7. When I used to login/run Windows Live Messenger, it used to appear in the full start menu bar instead of going down in the task-bar near the clock. The huge tab of Windows 7 was disturbing me when I was running lots of applications.

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How To Change File Extension in Windows

I have seen many computer users who dont even know how to change the file extension of a filename in Microsoft Windows operation system. I wonder why people use computer then? I guess instead of buying a DVD Player people started buying computer systems, with a thought that DVD Player can play DVDs only, whereas a Computer can play DVDs + It has an Internet. Wow! Double Credits 🙂

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How to Join Files Using HJSplit

I have found a lot of people on the internet those some how got to know how to download movies and games from the internet from free downloading websites but they don’t know how to join the archive files. (I mean the downloadable files are usually splitted into 100mb parts. i.e. for example a Ripped movie is of 700mb size, then it will be broken down into smaller 7 pieces of 100mb each. Then you need to join those 7 files to get back the original single 700mb file.) The uploaders use two different techniques most commonly to split the files into 100mb archive. Either they use the file splitting tools like HJSplit or they use WinRar. The reason of splitting the files into smaller parts is that the free file uploading websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easy-Share, etc. allow a limited size of the file to be uploaded. Gradually all the free uploading websites are increasing the per file limit of the filesize but still uploaders have to split the files.

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