Grow Plants with the Help of Easybloom Gardener

Gardening IllustrationPlants are good for the environment and a lot of campaigns are undergoing for this very cause.In modern day life we have forgotten the importance of ‘green’,and we just don’t care much of how many plants are needed to grow for keeping a sound environment.There are a lot of species in plants and need different surrounding to grow.To help you find the best place to grow a plant,this new gadget ‘Easy bloom Gardener’ would be a handy treat.

This gadget helps you find the best location for your plant to grow,after analyzing the environment you have placed it in.

Easybloom Gardener Gadget

It monitors the environment in 24 hours and does the following queries

  • Type of soil,
  • Humidity of theĀ  garden
  • Intensity of light
  • Temperature

After analyzing it would suggest you out of almost 5000 species of plant,which one is good to plant in that specific location.This feature of the gadget would really help a lot because we don’t know about all the species of plants.

Moreover the data can be transferred to your computer by a simple USB connection.The price is $60.

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