Google is not safe for children

I was waiting for my Pizza and didn’t had anything to do, so decided to check out google. I started searching for different things. First I tried searching my name and found out that Talal Masood appears on the top of google search suggestion result. Later, I was searching the Internet and came across a blog about the google search suggestions and found out that Google is not save for children anymore.

It was quite bad what I read on blogoscoped. I tried it myself too and found out that Google is not safe for work and even after applying the “Strict Filtering” from Search Settings it is showing strange search suggestion results. So, end result was, if you have children at home, even Google is not safe for them anymore.

After typing the word ‘how to‘ if you just put the next letter, say, ‘F‘ then you get a list of suggested searches. The following shows the top 3 results of such suggestions which appear on Google (with Strict Filtering ON).

how to ask a girl out
how to apply eyeshadow
how to add fractions

how to bake a potato
how to bake pumpkin seeds
how to brine a turkey

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how to cite a website
how to cook pumpkin seeds

how to download youtube video
how to draw
how to draw cartoons

how to eat a pomegranate
how to eat a girls out
how to enable cookies

how to french kiss
how to flirt
how to fry a turkey

how to get pregnant
how to get a girl to like you
how to get rid of fruit flies

how to have sex’
how to hack a myspace account
how to hard boil eggs

how to impress a girl
how to install laminate flooring
how to induce labor

how to jailbreak ipod touch
how to jerk
how to jump start a car

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how to knit
how to know if a guy likes you

how to lose weight fast
how to lose weight
how to lose 10 pounds in a week

how to make a website
how to make your hair grow faster
how to make a paper airplane

how to negotiate salary
how to not be shy
how to network

how to open rar files
how to open a coconut
how to open a pomegranate

how to play guitar
how to play poker
how to pick a lock

how to quit smoking
how to quilt
how to quote in an essay

how to roll a joint
how to roast pumpkin seeds
how to read guitar tabs

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]how to solve a rubix cube
how to save a life lyrics
how to solve a rubik’s cube

how to tie a tie
how to tell if a guy likes you
how to tie a scarf

how to unlock iphone 3g
how to upload photos on facebook
how to unclog a toilet

how to view private myspace profiles
how to videos
how to view private facebook profiles

how to write a resume
how to write a cover letter
how to wear a scarf

how to xray in photoshop
how to xray in gimp
how to xbox live

how to yodel
how to yarn over
how to yoyo

how to zip a file
how to zip a folder
how to zest a lemon

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