Google Chrome is no more BETA

Google ChromeGoogle finally came out of the BETA version. Google said that they have met all the important security and other backdraws of the browser and have finally launched their browser. Google Chrome browser was released 100 days ago and within these 100 days 14 update patches were released for the browser. And now on 11th Dec. 2008 the 15th update is without the BETA tag.

Since the launch of Google Chrome 10million active users downloaded the browser all over the world. Google Chrome team in these last months had been working hard to bring out the browser from the BETA version and release it fully.

But a very strange comments were passed out by different companies at the launch of Google Chrome’s final version. Almost everyone is saying that they don’t think that Google Chrome is yet ready for a final release. The browser is an open source project and still many people are finding bugs in it.

I too use Google Chrome most of the time. But I think still Microsoft IE is way better than all the other browsers. Still 90% of the websites on the Internet are optimized for MSIE. But this ratio is dropping at a very high rate. There are still some CSS issues with the Google Chrome browser. The reason is that the CSS standards are developed according to the MSIE platform rather than Mozilla firefox or Google Chrome.

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