Flys in your Ears – Bad Earphone Concept

iPodTechnology has no boundaries,each and everyday we see a lot of gadgets and new stuff being launched.Sometimes the product is so good that we have to shut our jaws up or sometimes it could be opposite.Bad designs in my opinion are a mistake,but making something bad with knowing the fact that it won’t connect to the user creeps me out :|.These House-Fly Earphones for the iPod are the ‘worst’ example of what i am saying.

Just imagine some house-flys in your ear,and you are listening to your favourite music ( for me just imagining helped )

House-Fly EarphonesA standard plug is attached to connect with any device you want to play music from.The idea is surely a bad one,why not use some other thing instead of a f ly !!

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]Companies should be thinking in a much better way,only to think different doesn’t work.There should be a good concept behind something you want to launch in the market.Without doing some good homework,you can’t expect much from the audience.I am not criticizing this company which made these earphones,but i am just trying to give a message to all out there who want to launch something.

The price is $11 if you want to buy it 😐

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